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Agricultural processing machines, our offer is your solution

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We feel comfortabel in all markets, we know what we are talking about

AMH is your specialist for used machines and complete processing lines for the fresh produce sector. With our many years of experience, we help you find the most suitable solution for the available budget.

We are experienced in: sorting, weighing, packaging, palletising, conveyor belts and control technology

Agro Machinery Holland -Agricultural Machines and complete machine linesmarkt


We know the potato in many varieties, as well as different treatments, therefore also a variety of machines
Agro Machinery Holland -Agricultural Machines and complete machine linesmarkt


The onion (Allium cepa), or garden onion, also called onion or juin in the south of the Netherlands and Flanders, and siepel in the north of the Netherlands, is a plant from the daffodil family.
Agro Machinery Holland -Agricultural Machines and complete machine linesmarkt


The carrot, which is grown as a vegetable, is botanically the same species as wild carrot, Daucus carota. This can be crossed very easily with the edible root.
Agro Machinery Holland -Agricultural Machines and complete machine linesmarkt

Other crops

In recent years we have successfully processed a diverse number of fruit and vegetable products, including celeriac, beetroot, onion sets, green beans, sweet potato.

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We are proud of our service

Service is inextricably linked to our industry. Installation and aftercare are possible, we stand for what we deliver!

The origin of Agro Machinery Holland lies in services to the fruit and vegetable sector. The founders Mark and Matthijs have built up extensive experience in mechanical engineering during their careers. Their knowledge is fully shared with the team of fitters and technicians.

What our customers say

Not expensive at all.

I have bought a used machine here twice now. They do a great job and they weren't expensive either. Exactly what I was looking for.

Cees de Jong

They know what they’re talking about

We have been buying from Agro Machinery Holland for years. These guys are really know their stuff and have always been of great help to me.

Piet de Boer

What a good service

Their service is really TOP! They know what they are talking about and if it breaks they can fix it. Super!

Jaap Netel

Need an agricultural machine, call AMH.

If we need a machine, I always call Matthijs first. I don't feel like scouring everything if I always end up at Agro Machinery Holland.

Fam. v.d. Graaf

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Mark van Bruggen
Mark van Bruggen
Director / Mechanic
Matthijs van de Merbel
Matthijs van de Merbel
Director / Mechanic

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